Accelerate user
with in-app Automation,
AI, and Integrations
Bring users from Saleforce, Hubspot, Jira, Google, Microsoft, and more
to your platform by providing app integrations native to your product.

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User-Defined Automation

Powerful Workflow Feature in Your Platform.
  • Simple trigger and action
  • IF conditions and iterations
  • Data processing and webhooks

App Integrations

App store or marketplace of native apps
  • Offer the apps that your users need
  • Your engineers don't have to develop the apps
  • AI actions for OpenAI (ChatGPT) and more

Custom Services

Your platform specific integrations
  • Apps needed fast for your customer
  • Automation with your platform features
  • Integration to customer's system

“Interactor is a simple and innovative solution for the automation and integration challenges that we all face today.

Ben Chung Center Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc

“Interactor helps Panasonic products used by more customers. ”

Woosuk Chang, Chief Engineer, Panasonic America

"Our observability product's user automation and integration is built using Interactor."

Yuji Kinoshita, , Vice President, Japan Radio, Co.,

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App Integrations

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